South East Herts news (1) by Derek Driver

Sunday 15th April was our first apiary meeting of the year, and what a fantastic day it was. Blue skies and 16 plus members, with many adopting the old system and bringing several cakes and boxes of biscuits. While I opened the hives, Roy Cropley demonstrated his dexterity in clipping and marking the Queens.

The hives created a lot of interest with the new members as they contained the whole range of frame types from BS Brood with metal spacers, and some without, plus some short and long lug self spacing together with castellation runners all in one brood box.

More supers were added to take advantage of the field of Rape nearby, and not a sting was received by anyone. So thank you Daphne for allowing us to visit your lovely apiary. Everyone remarked on how much they had enjoyed the afternoon.

Roll on our next meeting.

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