Barnet news by Linda Perry

Barnet beekeepers held their first ever Christmas social in December which was very well attended. We combined this with a honey tasting competition, congratulations to the winners.

We have now begun our beginners course. We have approximately 20 very keen and enthusiastic people who turn up on Saturdays to learn all about beekeeping. Our theory course will run until March/April when we hope the weather will be ok to start doing some apiary visits. We have Alan Byham coming to do a session on Varroa and bee diseases/ pests for all members on February 19th. We have just set up a new association apiary at some local allotments so it will be interesting to see how the colonies develop there. One of our other apiaries had very bad woodpecker damage this year – a reminder of the need to protect well for the winter period! It is too early to judge how our bees have overwintered but hopefully our autumn preparations and feeding have given them the best chances!

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