June 2010

Editorial by Paul Cooper

Flaming June and the honey flow is in full swing, the supers are filling up and swarms are happening.  Oilseed rape flowers will soon have finished so make sure you get those supers out and spun before the honey sets solid. Don't wait for them to be fully capped as it may be too late. Providing nectar isn't dripping out when shaken they should be ok.

This is a short newsletter this month. I guess many contributors are too busy in the apiary to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

It seems that the various recent events went very well. Congratulations to St Albans for organising Bee World at the Herts county show. Did anyone attend the Rothamsted open weekend as I'd be interested to know how it went.

A change to the way that this newsletter is distributed was discussed at the recent Exec meeting. It was agreed to phase out central printing and distribution of the newsletter and this will be taken over by the divisions. This will give savings in both time and distribution costs. I would like to personally thank Peter Mathews for many years of printing and distribution of the newsletter for both me and my predecessor, Oonagh Gabriel.

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