North Herts news by Christine Phillips

June has been a busy month for the bees with lots of honey and many swarms, and for the beekeepers with talks and demonstrations. John Hill, Graham Beesley and Frank Everest have all given talks to different WI groups and others have been in schools introducing the children to the ways of the honeybee. The observation hive has been out and about and will be again this weekend when Derek Richardson takes it to Stevenage Garden Centre with John on Saturday and Frank on Sunday.
At Pat Veasey's apiary last Saturday eleven people including three beginners looked at and rearranged Pat's bees and found and marked three queens. This was followed by the Veaseys' usual wonderful tea.
Our next meeting is at Standalone Farm on Saturday 18th July at the usual time of 2.30pm. Both of our Seasonal Bee Inspectors, Peter Heath and Peter Folge hope to be there so it should be a very interesting and informative afternoon. Please phone for directions if you are not sure how to get there.

Future events where N. Herts BKA will have a stand are Stevenage Gardeners and Allotment Holders Day on 12th September and Hitchin Apple Day in October. If you would like to take part in these events, or any others please let me know. It can be an enjoyable if exhausting couple of hours and we really need to talk as much as possible to the public while bees are so much in the news and everyone seems to be interested in them.

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