Fighting the Varroa mite with 100% all natural Follicel

All natural Follicel has proven to be successful in eliminating sea licefrom Salmon and Trout and following this successhas also dealt with headlice amongst children and their parents. With nochemicals it is a product which does not have side effects.An American beekeeper who used Follicel emailed the following report: "Afterspraying the bees, the following day we caught approx. 300 bees in a halfquart jar. We only found 2 mites after the treatment, and it did not affectthe bees whatsoever. Can you give me the prices for buying in bulk?"We are offering sample bottles of Follicel free of charge or you canpurchase 500ml bottles of Follicel at the special price of £9.50 postagepaid which is a 50% discount on the normal price. See our website

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