SE Herts Harvest Supper by Derek Driver

When I first joined our group the harvest supper was very different to the present format. Then you paid in advance and sat on your seat through out the meal and the chairman always started with grace! But that was 35 years ago and times and people change Now days we bring a jar of honey to try and win the skillman shield, and there is the raffle and a light hearted quiz, both with lots of prizes.

The meal now days is a wonderful buffet where members help themselves and this years starters were a choice of salmon and cottage cheese or pate followed by a range of cold meats, various salads and all sorts of goodies! Then there was the cheese board, one member said it was the best Stilton he had eaten for years. Home made apple pie and German cheese cake plus a meringue with plenty of tea or coffee rounded off our evening. Oh. I forgot to mention the welcome glasses of sherry when we arrived. One of the nicest things at these events is that members and their partners move around and chat. Every ones relaxed and with such gregarious people we all have a splendid evening.

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John Dock said...

Derek- what a delightful description of the Harvest Supper. As I posted on last month's blog, we could not make it as we were on our canal boat. Looks like we missed a really good 'do'

Canal boating is a bit like bee keeping. Whenever you drive over a bridge, or visit a new town, you always are looking if there is a canal there. At half term we went to Kent and Sussex and found ourselves taking a trip on the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch minuature railway. And behold, as we went past peoples back gardens, we spotted a national in one of them.

So now I go anywhere new I look for bees as well as canals! I must get out more!

John Dockerill