NE Herts news by John Hill

At the time of writing this contribution, in mid-November, the colder, wet weather has only just arrived. Whereas last week, (Nov 11th), the warm climate had sustained the wasp population to such a degree that some ‘robbing’ was taking place in the apiary. The wasps were also in considerable numbers at the premises on a climbing ivy plant, (the name of which I know not), and were busily nibbling the profuse number of berries that the aforesaid plant was displaying. Not a bee in sight though! There was some hive activity however! But now with the continuous drenching we have endured over the past two days or so, I suspect that the wasps’ days are numbered. About time too, for this past summer has been a more successful one for the wasps than my bees, (as far as my hives are concerned). However, the latter insects have grown in numbers (and strength?), following intensive feeding and treatment....Fingers crossed for survival!

At our November meeting, we had a good turnout of 18 members to listen to Martin Buckle from the Beds. Assocn. who explained the intricacies and nuances of judging honey for Competition; and coupled with explanations of his experiences, gave the attendees a very entertaining evening. After the refreshments, Martin displayed his skills of wax manipulation by showing the audience his creations in wax of various subjects from a Railway Engine, a Windmill and various wonderful wax flowers. Thank you Martin for your talk!!

Our first meeting in 2008 will be in February, (second Tuesday, viz 12th), which, (hopefully) will be a talk by a Local Naturalist (sorry, not a Naturist!!), on a suitable topic to be decided, and then in March 2008 we shall be holding our AGM and Honey-tasting Competition. April will be a “Spring Preparation” evening, a review of the past season and what 2008 might bring. I should like to say at this point that 2008 will be my last year as Secretary, “Hooray” I hear you say, .…but by this time next year “I think I shall had enough”, and it’s time someone else had a ‘chance’, …that is if you want me continue in ‘08, (you can always vote me off earlier,!…please!).

Now, …we are holding a Christmas Party at Boxwood this year on December 14th (Friday) at 7.30 pm. Cost each £3. Bring your own food! Savoury or sweet, You must, please ring me up first to let me know what dish you would like to bring to ensure that we get a good distribution. Last year we had too many sweets! Free drinks … up to a point!!! (☏ or e-mail… Note: I prefer the former but my answering machine at present is Kaput!

The answer to last month’s teaser was quite simple. (Re: “a share of Potatoes etc.”). The answer, course, is “Mash Them”.!!! Now here’s another:-

This is a ‘logic’ teaser:
Some hairy bees are fat,
All fat bees are yellow,
Some yellow bees have 6 stripes
Some bees with 6 stripes are fat.
Therefore some hairy bees definitely have 6 stripes!
Is this true or false?
And to finish here’s a slice of John Betjeman, I leave you to guess the title:-
Provincial public houses blaze
And Corporation tramcars clang
On lighted tenements I gaze
Where paper decorations hang,
And bunting in the red Town Hall
Says “Merry Christmas to you all”

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