South East news by John Mumford

Our Beekeeping course is coming to its end and I would like to thank all those who made it happen, it has been fun. I took some of our students to look into a few hives just before the recent cold spell of weather. The bees were just great. We saw a few Queens, open, and sealed brood, and although eggs were present they were found more difficult to see. In the excitement the brood development times had all been forgotten and it was therefore difficult to explain how the colonies would expand over the following couple of weeks. Practice - practice - practice and after 30 odd years I still make mistakes. There is a lot to learn about bees and their habits, and never enough time. The first five years are the worst!

SWARMS:- Members wanting swarms should let me know and I will put their names onto a list. For our new members. It's strictly First come First served. I collect the swarm and ring the name at the top of my list. The swarm then has to be collected within TWO DAYS else it is offered to the next name on my list. The name who has refused the Swarm then goes to the bottom of the list. With swarms you get what you get and sometimes the bees are not very nice.

Our first Apiary Meeting will be on Sunday 15th April at Daphne Rooke's Apiary. See map enclosed. Would those who intend coming please ring Daphne on 01992 .... (number in newsletter) so that see can make suitable provisions.

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