North Herts news by John Hill

As stated in last month’s ‘Herts Bees’, the Committee were directed to meet during March to ‘elect’ a new Chairman. This they have duly done, “and the winner is”......(sorry, I shouldn’t be flippant to do this, but ‘those’ pauses do infuriate me!). I can say now, that the new Chairman was elected, nem com , and I have great pleasure in welcoming Graham Beesley to the position. I’m sure he will bring a ‘the new approach’ that our retiring Chairman was so keen to see. The meeting of the Committee covered some items that members should be made aware of, and I deal with these below :--
  1. Details of the extractor hire (that was kindly given to the Assocn.), were discussed, and Terry Pierson has agreed to administer and ‘let’ the item to members, (who should contact him first, pay a £5 (weekly rate) of which £3 will be returned, when the extractor is brought back in a clean, usable, condition, £2 will go to NHBKA funds).
  2. The April Meeting of 10th. at The Friends’ Meeting House, Letchworth will start at the usual time of 7.30 p.m. This will be the last indoor meeting until next October.
    The Committee have agreed to have a debate/discussion on “What to do I do in the Spring”, some views on ‘the Future of Beekeeping ‘ and a “Bring and Buy” of some items any members wish to buy/sell. So bring your unwanted items or duplicated presents, and also bring some cash!
  3. The 'future' of the Hitchin Market Sales Pitch will be explored.
  4. Some “publicity’ aspects of our hobby will be explored, i.e. via the local library or some other local organisations.
  5. The Hitchin Bee Centre Project, as mentioned in last month’s ‘Herts Bees’ by Robin D., was discussed by the Committee, who concluded that “whilst the North Herts BKA wished to encourage the project, it would have to be run by dedicated volunteers and be a separate organisation, financed apart”. The Cmt. all thought the idea to be an excellent one, but the nearness of an Allotment might realise Insurance problems. Robin thanked the Committee for being constructive and commenting accordingly.
Now, .... to the Apiary meetings for 2007. These have been ‘firmed’ up as follows, and will all commence at 2.30. p.m
  • 13th May 2007 - Nortonbury Clear-up .
  • 19th May 2007 - Boxwood.
  • 2nd June 2007 - Robin Dartington, Letchworth.
  • 16th June 2007 - Pat Veasey, Gosmore Cross.
  • 30th June 2007 - Roman Gorski, Benington. (details of location later).
  • 14th July 2007 - Nortonbury ( 6 members Apiaries).
  • mid August 2007 - Andy Johnston. Shillington.
Members should ask the Secretary if directions are required.

Last Month’s Teaser:- The ship was the ‘Titanic’, which hit an iceberg in fine weather, with calm sea. If the weather had been worse, the lookouts would, possibly, have heard waves breaking on it and any movements could have been heard. (Icebergs ‘groan’ when they move). The rest is history.

Finally:- What author opened their definitive work with following? What was the book? “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

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