St Albans news by Anne Wingate

Now the winter rest time for bee keepers is nearly over I hope you have taken advantage of the sales to purchase some equipment for swarm control, new brood and super frames where required and enjoyed reading some bee books/magazines. There is so much to learn about bees and bee keeping.

The new procedure I promised I would do this year was to put solid floors under the varroa screens. I did this in mid January in order to provide extra warmth for brood rearing. I found last spring the colonies in National hives were on a smaller number of frames than the two colonies in WBC hives. Despite all the talk of global warming there was a very cold spell last February and another predicted this winter. The catkins are already producing pollen in some warmer hedgerows and when warm enough the bees are flying.

Please inform me ASAP if you wish to receive Herts Bees by email rather than a printed copy.

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