South East Herts news by John Mumford

A Happy and prosperous 2007 to everyone, and their Bees!

The winter is almost over and my bees seem to have come through it very well. I should have a few surplus Nucs ready to go around the middle of April. The bees are flying strongly when conditions allow and by the number of bees in the ‘Play Flights’ it looks as though the queens have been laying all winter. Keep an eye on colony stores.

A couple of colonies are now dropping quite a few Varroa kites (6 to 10 per day). Is it that there are more mites in the colonies, or that the Thymol Treatment is beginning to work again now that temperatures are increasing? The only was to ensure that the number of Varroa mites won’t build up to dangerous levels before the next autumn treatment is to apply a spring treatment around the middle of March and remove it when the supers go on in the middle of April.

Our 60th AGM is scheduled for 8.00pm on Thursday, 15th February 2007 at the Hoddesdon Baptist Church Hall, where all members will be welcome. We need to elect a few officers and finalise the 2007 Programme of Events. Copies of last year’s AGM Minutes, this year’s Agenda and Accounts to December 2006 are enclosed.

The next Committee Meeting is schedules for Thursday, 29th March 2007 at Heaton Court

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