West Herts news by Margaret Tighe

The WHBK Association AGM included many "thank you's" to all the people who kindly give up their time throughout the year to ensure that newcomers to, and members of, the Association could receive advice, equipment, tuition and much more.

The work involved (as I'm sure many beekeepers reading this will agree) is not always easy or straightforward! Lindsay Bruce pointed out that his role of taking calls from worried members of the public regarding swarms which need collecting is made difficult, when the description of the location is inaccurate. He gave an example of arriving to collect "a swarm in a tree 'about' 6ft high", with a step ladder, and then finding it is more like 12ft high!

Sadly, for personal reasons, I am going to stop keeping bees and am currently looking for someone to adopt my bees! What a wonderful, unforgettable experience it has been for me - the kindness of fellow beekeepers, the smell of the honey as it is extracted, the hum of the bees on a summer's day …..

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Simon Miller-Cranko said...

Hello Margaret. I have recently moved into Stanstead Abbotts and would like to resume keeping bees from when I left Zimbabwe nearly 20 years ago. If there is a possibility of looking after your hives that may be a great way to begin. I realise that it is a long shot as the post is fairly old but I though i'd give it a go.

Many thanks Simon 07920 233658