West Herts news by Brian Norman

(The following was filed for publication in the July/August edition of the newsletter but missed the deadline. Then, because of the long gap, it got mislaid for the September issue. Apologies once again West Herts members.)

I think the less we dwell upon the previous weeks weather the least said the better. Croxley has the benefit of being surrounded by numerous lime trees that require a rather humid atmosphere to fully develop their flowers and nectar flow. A bright interval in the weather allowed the meeting on Saturday 7th to continue so that members could examine the colonies, especially the nucs that were laid down in April.

The queen right nucs showed good signs of brood, in full brood crescent pattern, with the queen calmly moving about the frames. With a full flow of nectar now keeping the foraging bees busy therefore enabling the colonies to make up for the June gap thereby replenishing their stores.

The largest colony was recovering from a departing swarm but upon a closer inspection of the brood area it was apparent that a few east swarms had also departed. The new queen was not yet visible but one queen cell still remained intact amongst the many hatch cells.

The progress of the societies new shed continued apace, with the old shed now being fully cleared, with the societies treasures now carefully sorted and stored until the new shed is erected. At the next meeting we hope to lay the necessary base of blocks and wooden joists to give a firm foundation.

Besides the general clear up we now hope to plan for next year's programme of colony rearing for the purpose of assisting new members in having their own colony with a know pedigree.

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