South East Herts news by John Mumford

The AGM was attended by 11 members.

Subscriptions will remain at £19.00 with a £2.00 discount if paid to the Treasurer, Roy Cropley, before the 31st March 2007. This includes BDI for 3 colonies.

You will all, I’m sure, have noticed in the February issue of BBKA NEWS that the new BBKA Constitution was adopted at the Annual Delegates’ Meeting (ADM) in January. This will change the way Affiliation Fees are collected from Divisions and at the same ADM the Affiliation Fees were increased from £11.00 to £13.00 per member. BBKA have yet to publicise how and when the new arrangements are to be introduced and so we can’t assess the full impact this will have on our finances at the moment.

Our Divisional Accounts showed an excess of expenditure over income of £14.41 for the year ended December 2006. In order that our subscriptions need not rocket next year we will need to generate some extra income. There are two ways this can be done without hurting members’ pockets directly:
  1. Any members who pay basic rate income tax on any part of their income can Gift Aid their subscription by signing and returning the enclosed form to Roy Cropley. I doesn’t cost members anything, but it does mean collectively that we get quite a chunk of money back from the Tax Man. Those who have not already Gift Aided their subscription will find a form enclosed.
  2. Maximise income from the sale of produce at Shows etc. This will require more members to volunteer to help out at events. I get fed up being expected to attend and help out at all our events.
One final point from the AGM; some members would like me to publish a list of members giving Names, Addresses and Telephone numbers direct from our Membership List. I can’t do this because of the Data Protection Legislation. However if you are willing to let me circulate a list with your details on it then please fill in, sign and return the slip that accompanies the newsletter. Please note that once such a list is released I can’t be held responsible for how and what the information is used for.

How are your bees? My bees are in better condition that I can ever remember. They are all strong, healthy and working like crazy. I don’t know why, but they are also burning up stores like mad. The Goat Willow will bloom in three or four weeks time. This is the first major pollen and nectar source of the year and in four to six weeks time all my colonies will need their supers. I have a feeling that this could just be an early, high swarming year.

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