St Albans news by Anne Wingate

The end of another season and time to prepare our colonies for winter. Autumn feeding and varroa control treatments should be well under way. Honey yields have been variable, with our student beekeepers realising how valuable it is to have some drawn comb. When storing combs spray with Certan, available from Thornes, as it will help control the dreaded wax moth. Eileen and Eric have arranged the Saturday afternoon Apiary sessions all this season. The input, with the help of other members, has given our new beekeepers an insight into beekeeping. Next season the seven
students will be well away with swarm control and honey production.

St. Albans beekeepers enjoyed the day at Earthworks, which is a project to assist people with learning difficulties to find out about flowers, vegetables, fruits and the environment. It was very hot and the wax for candle rolling had to be kept cool!

Our first Autumn meeting will be on Friday 27th October at 8pm at United Reformed Church Chiswell Green. The topic for discussion will be 'The Year's Review' with input from everyone. Please all come along with your views of how we can improve the Courses and your Association.

LOST - Eileen Remnant has lost the HONEY
REFRACTOMETER (for measuring the water content in honey) last seen July2005. The instrument is in a small black box 6” x 2” approx. It was bought with money from our first Lottery grant and is for members to borrow. Turn out your bee basket, boxes, drawers and cupboardsand please leave it at the Apiary with her name on the bag. Several members wish to use it. Please help. Thank you.

I hope to as many Members as possible will coming to
'Bee World'.

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